Algebra 1

Algebra 1

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Algebra foundations

overview and history of algebra
Introduction to variable
Substitution and evaluating expressions
Combining like terms
Introduction to equivalent
Division by zero

Solving equations & inequalities

Linear equation with variable on both side
Linear equation with parentheses
Analyzing the number of solution to linear equation
Linear equnation with unkown coefficients
Multi-step Inequalities
Compound inequalities

Working with units

Rate conversion
Appropriate rate
word problem with multiple units

Linear equations & graphs

Two variable linear equation intro
Horizontal and  vertical
x-intercepts and y-intercepts
Applying intercepts and slope

Forms of linear equations

Intro to slope -intercepts form
Graphing slope – intercepts equation
Writing slope -intercepts equation
Point slope form
Standard form
Summary : Forms of two variable
linear equation
Systems of equations
Introduction to system of equation
Solving system of equation with substiution
solving systems of equation with elimination
Equivalent system of equation
Number of system of equation
system of equation word problem

Inequalities (systems & graphs)

Checking solution of two- variable inequalities
Graphing two -variable inequalities
Modeling with linear in equalities


Evaluating function
Inputs and Outputs of a function
function and Equation
Interpreting function and equation
Introduction to the domain and range of a function
Determining the domain of a function
Recognizing function
Maximum and minimum points
Internal where a function is positive ,negative ,increasing or
Interpreting feature of graphs
Average rate of change
Average rate of change word problem
Average rate of change word problem intro to increase function


Intro to arithmetic sequences constructing arithmetic sequence
Introduction to geometric sequences
constructing geometric sequences
Modeling with sequence
General sequence

Absolute value & piecewise functions

Graphs and absolute value function
Piecewise  function

Exponents & radicals

Exponent and properties review
simplifying square root

Exponential growth & decay

Exponential vs linear growth
Exponential expression
Graphs of exponential  growth
Exponential vs linear growth over time
Exponential growth & decay
Exponential function form table & graphs
Exponential vs linear model

Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring

Multiplying monomials by polynomials
Multiplying binomials
Special product of binomials
Introduction to factoring
Factoring quadratics intro
Factoring quadratics by grouping
Factoring quadratics with different of square
factoring quadratics with perfect square
strategy in factoring quadratics

Quadratic functions & equations

Intro to parabolas
solving and graphing with factored form
solving by taking the square root
Vertex form
solving quadratic by factoring
The quadratic formula
completing the square root
more on completing the square
Strategizing to solve quadratic function
Quadratic standard form
Feature &form of quadratic function
Comparing quadratic function
Transforming quadratic function

Irrational numbers

irrational numbers
sum of product of rational and irrational number
proof concerning irrational number


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