Algebra 2

Algebra 2

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Polynomial arithmetic

Intro to polynomial
Average rate of change polynomials
Adding and subtracting polynomials
multiplying monomial by polynomial
multiplying binomials by polynomial
special product of polynomial

Complex numbers

The imaginary unit i

Complex number introduction

The complex plane

Adding and Subtracting complex number

Multiple complex number

Quadratic equation with complex solution

Polynomial factorization

Dividing polynomial by x
Dividing quadratics by linear factor
Dividing polynomial by linear factor
polynomial Remainder Theroem

Polynomial graphs

Zero of polynomial

Positive and negative intervals of polynomials

End behavior of polynomials

putting it together

Rational exponents and radicals

Rational exponent
Properties of exponent (rational exponent )
Evaluation exponent & radical
Equivalent of exponent expression
solving exponential equation using properties of exponent

Exponential models

Interpreting the rate change of exponential model
Construction exponential model according to rate of change
Advanced interpreting of exponential


Introduction to logarithms
The constant e and the natural logarithms
Properties of logarithms
The change of base formula for logarithms
solving exponential equation with logarithms
solving exponential model

Transformations of functions

Shifting function
Reflecting function
Symmetry of function
Scalling function
putting it all together
Graphs of square and cube root function
Graphs of logarithms  function


Rational equation
Square root -Equation
Extraneous solution
Cube root -Equation
Quadratic equation
solving Equation  by graphing
unit circle Introduction
The pythagroean theorem
Trigonometric value of special angle
Graphs of sin(x) ,cos(X) and tan(X)
Amplitude middle and period
Transforming sinusodial graph
Graphic sinusoidal function
sinusoidal function


Modeling with function combination
Interpreting feature of function
Manipulating formulas
Modeling with two variable
Modeling with multiple variable

Rational functions

cancelling common factor
End behavior of rational function
Discantinuities of rational
function graphs of rational function
modeling with rational function
multiplying with rational function
multiplying and dividing rational
expression adding and subtracting rational expression
adding and subtracting rational expression intro(factored)
adding and subtracting rational expression (factored)
adding and subtracting rational expression (not factored)


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