Class 10 Chemistry

Class 10 Chemistry

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Chemical reaction & Equation

Intro to chemical reaction & Equation

Balancing a chemical reaction

combination and decomposition reactions

Endothermic and exothermic reactions

Displacement ad double displacement reactions

Redox reactions

Overview on chemical reactions

Corrosion and rancidity

Acid ,base and Salt

Introduction to acid and base

Reaction of acid and base

Common factor of acid and base

Strength of acid and base


Chemical form common salt

Metal and Non metal

physical properties of metal and non metal

Chemical properties of metal

Reactivity Series

Metal reacting with nonmetal

Carbon and its compounds

Bonding in carbon -covalent bond

versatile  nature of carbon

Saturated and unsaturated carbon compound

Chain branch and ring

Functional group

Homologous  series

Periodic classification of elements

Modern periodic table

Electronics configuration & valence electrons

Groups & periods

Periodic trends in valency and atomic size

Periodic trends in metallic and non metallic characters


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