Class 10 math(India)

Class 10 math(India)

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Real numbers

Euclid division algorithm
fundamental theorem of arthmetic
proof: Irational Numbers
Rational number and their decimal expression


Gemoetrical meaning of the  Zeroes of a polynomial
Relationship between Zero and coefficients
division algorithm for polynomial

Pair of linear equations in two variables

Graphical Method
Algebraic method
Number of solution algebrically
equation reduciable to linear form
linear equation word problem
Quadratic equations
solving equation by factorising
solving equation by completing the square
solving equation using the quadratic formula
nature of roots
Quadratic equation word problem

Arithmetic progressions

intro to arithmetic progressions
common different of an AP
nth term of an AP
sum of the first term of an AP
AP word problems


similarity of triangle

problem involving similar triangle

phythagoream theoream

Coordinate geometry

Distance formula
section formula
Mid-point formula
Area of triangle

Introduction to trigonometry

intro to trigonometric ratios
Reciprocal trigonometric ratio
Trigonometric ratio of some specific angles
Trigonometric ratio of complementary angles
Trigonometric Identities

Some applications of trigonometry

one triangle problem
two triangle problem


Tangent of circle
Number of tangent form a point of circle
Areas related to circles
perimeter of circular figure
Area of sector and segment of a circle
Area of combination of a plan circle

Surface areas and volumes

combination of solid

conversion of solid

Frustum of cone


mean ,median, mode of grouped data


Probability – a theoretical approach
Independent events
dependent events


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