Class 10 Physics(India)

Class 10 Physics(India)

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Light -reflection&refraction

Reflection of light

Concave &Convex  mirror and their applications

spherical mirrors

spherical mirrors image formation

sign Convention

Mirror formula derivation (Bonus)

Mirror formula & magnification

Refraction of light

Absolute & relation refractive index

Refraction of light through glass Lab

Image formation by spherical lenses

Lens formula  & magnification

Dioptress & power of a lens

Prepare for CBSE board exam \

The human eyes and the  colourful word

Dispersion of light

Dispersion of light in prism

Atmospheric refraction

scattering of light and Tyndall Effect

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Electricity current & circuit

Electricity potential & potential  difference

Circuit ,Ohm’s law & resistance

factor on which resistance of a conductor depends on

Series and parallel resistor

Solving a circuit with series and parallel resist

Electric power and health effect of current

Commercial unit of electrical energy

Prepare for CBSE borad exam

Magentic effect of electric current

magnets and magnetic field

magnetic field due to straight wire carrying electric current

magnetic field due t current loops and solenoids

Force on current Carrying wire in magnetic field

Electric motor

Electromagnetic induction

Prepare or CBSE board exam.

CBSE Class 10 board  exam preparation : Physics

How to use this unit for CBSE board exam prep

CBSE board physics summary video

CBSE previous year question paper (Class 10 physics ):chapt..


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