Class 11 Biology

Class 11 Biology

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The living word

Introduction to living word

Nomenclature and taxonomy

Biological classification

Introduction to biological classification

Kingdoms Monera and Protista

Kingdoms Fungi

Viruses and sub particles

Animal Kingdom

Classification of animal


Introduction to biomolecules




Nucleic acid

Metabolism and the living state


Regulation of Enzymes

cell cycle and cell division

chromosome number and structure

The cell and cycle and mitosis


Transport in plants

Diffusion  and passive transport

Active transport

Osmosis and tonicity

Transport of water and minerals in plants

Photosynthesis in higher plants

Overview of photosynthesis

Light -dependent reaction and the Calvin cycle

photorespiration and the C4 pathway

Respiration in plants

Overview of cellular respiration


Aerobic respiration

Electron  transport system and oxidation phosphorlation

Fermentation and the amphibolic pathway

Digestion and absorption

Overview of digestive system

part of digestive system

Digestive glands

Breathing and exchange of gases

The respiratory system

Mechanism of breathing

Body fluids and circulations


circular pathway

Excretory product and their elimination

Overview of the excretory system

Function and mechanism of the human excretory system

Locomotion and movement

The musculoskeletal system

Neural control and coordinate

Overview of the nervous system

Generation and transmission of neural impluses

Human nervous system

sense organ

Chemical coordinate and integration

Human endocrine




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