Class 11 Chemistry

Class 11 Chemistry

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Some basic concept of chemistry

Importance of chemistry

Uncertainty in measurement

Law of chemical combinations

Atomic and molecular masses

Mole concept , molar mass & percentage composition


Reaction in solution

Structure of Atom

Discover of subatomic particles

Atomic models

wave nature of electromagnetic radiations

particle nature of electromagnetic radiations: Planck’s quanta

Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom

Filling of electrons in the orbitals

Electronic configurations of atoms

Classification of elements & Periodicity in properties

Modern periodic table

s,p,d,f subshells

Periodic trends in physical properties of elements

Periodic trends in chemical properties of elements

Chemical bonding and molecular structure

Kossel-Lewis  approach to chemical bond

Bond energies

Bond parameters

polarity of bonds

VSEPR theory


Hydrogen bonding

State of matter

Intermolecular forces

Intermolecular Vs thermal interaction

Gas Laws

Ideal gas equations

Partial Pressure

Kinetic energy and molecular speeds

Behaviour of real gases deviation from ideal gas behaviour

Liquid state


Thermodynamics terms


Measurement of change in U and H : Calorimetry

Enthalpy change

Enthalpies for different types of reactions


Gibbs energy change & Equilibrium


Laws of chemical equilibrium & equilibrium constant

Homogeneous & heterogeneous equilibrium constant

Factor affecting equilibria

Ionic equilibrium : Acids and bases

Acid and base equilibria

Buffer solutions

Solubility equilibria of sparingly soluble salts

Redox reactions

Oxidation  and reduction -classical idea

Redox reactions in terms of electrons

oxidation number

Balancing a redox reactions

Redox reactions and electron processes

Organic chemistry -some basic principle and technique

Intro to organic chemistry

Tetravalence of carbon : Shapes of organic compounds

Structural representations  of organic compound

Classification of organic compound

Nomenclature of organic compound

Naming  alkanes , cycloalkanes & benzene derivative


Fundamental concepts in organic reaction mechanism

Electron displacement effect

Methods of purification of organic compound



Alkanes: Nomenclature and isomerism

Alkanes: properties

Alkanes: Conformation

Alkanes: Structure ,nomenclature ,and isomerism

Alkanes: preparation

Alkanes: properties

Alkanes: Structure ,nomenclature ,and preparation

Alkanes: properties

Aromatic hydrocarbon nomenclature ,and isomerism

Resonance stability and Aromaticity of benzene Untitled lesson

Properties of benzene ‘

Mechanism of electrophilic substitution reaction

Directive influence of a functional group in mono substitut…



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