Class 11 math (India)

Class 11 math (India)

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operation on sets

Relations and functions

what is function?

Inputs and output of a function

Introduction to  domain and  range

Domain of a function

Range of a function

Algebra of a real function

piecewise function

Trigonometric functions

Degree and radians
unit circle
Graphs of trigonometric function
Trigonometric Identities : symmetry
Trigonometric Identities : sum and difference
Trigonometric equation
Complex numbers
what are the imaginary number?
what are the complex number ?
Adding and subtracting complex numbers
multiplying complex numbers
Dividing complex number
Absolute value &angles  of complex numbers
polar form of complex numbers

Linear inequalities

Introduction of inequalities
Solution of linear inequalities in one variable
Inequalities word problems
Graphical solution of linear inequalities in one variable
solution of system of linear inequalities in two variable
Compound inequalities

Permutations and combinations

Fundamental principle of couching

Binomial theorem

Intro to Binomial theorem
Sequence and series
Into to sequence and series
Arithmetic sequence
Arithmetic series
Geometric sequence
sequence and series word problem
special series

Straight lines

Two variable linear equation intro slope
Horizontal and vertical line
x-intercepts and y-intercepts
Applying intercepts and slope
Intro to slope-intercept form
Graphing slope intercept-equation
writing slope intercept equation
point- slope form
standard form
summary: Form of two variable linear equation
Conic sections
Introduction to conic section
The feature of a circle
standard equation of a circle
Expand equation of a circle
center and radii of an ellipse
Foci of an ellipse
Focus and directrix of a parabola
Introduction to hyperbolas
Hyperbolas conic section form their equation
Identify the conic equation
Limits intro
Estimating limit of graph
Estimating limit from table
formal definition of limits(epsilon-data)
Properties of limits
Limits by direct substitution
Limits using algebraic manipulation
strategy in finding limits
Squeeze theorem


Average vs instantaneous  rate of change
Derivative definition
Power rule
More on power rule
Derivative of polynomial function
product rule
Quotient rule
Derivative of trigonometric function
Proof video


Measure of central tendency : mean, median and mode
Measure of spread :range ,variance and standard deviation
other measure of spread : mean absolute deviation

Introduction to three dimensional geometry

coordinate of point in space

Distance between two points

section formula


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