Class 7 math (India)

Class 7 math (India)

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Addition and subtracting of integer
Multiplication of integer
division of integer
Integer word problem

Fractions and decimals

Multiple fractions
Division fraction
Fraction word problems
multiple decimal
dividing  decimal
 decimal word problem

Data handling

Mean ,median, mode ,range
use of bar graphs

Simple equations

setting up an equation
solving of an equation
linear equation word problem
more equation

Lines and angles

Related angles
pairs of angles
The triangle and its properties
medians and altitudes
Exterior angle properties
Angle sum properties
Two special triangle : Equilateral and isosceles
Phytagores theorem

Congruence of triangles

congruence of triangle

criteria  for congruence of triangle

Comparing quantities

Meaning of percentage
percentage conversion
percentage word problem
profit or loss or percentage
simple interest

Rational numbers

What are the rational number ?
comparison of rational number
Rational number between two rational number
operation or rational number
Perimeter and area
square and rectangle
Area of parallelogram
Area of triangle
conversion of units
Exponents and powers
Intro to exponents
Law of exponents
using law of exponents
Large number of standard from

Algebraic expressions

Term of an expressions
combining like terms
Addition and Subtracting of algebraic expression
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