Class 8 math (India)

Class 8 math (India)

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Rational numbers

The role of 0 and 1
Distributive property
Rational number on the number line
Rational number between two rational number

Linear equations in one variable

solving Equation variable on one side
solving Equation with variable on both side
Equation reducible to linear form
Linear equation word problem

Understanding quadrilaterals

Angle sum property
Kinds of quadrilaterals
properties of parallelogram
some special parallelogram

Data handling

Looking for information
Organising data
Pie Chart
Squares and square roots
Square root using factorisation
Numbers that are not perfect square
square root using long division
Estimating square root

Cubes and cube roots

cube root using factorisation
Number that are not perfect cubes
cube root using long division

Cubes and cube roots

Percent change word problem
profit and loss
tax and discount
compound interest

Algebraic expressions and identities

Addition and Subtracting
Multiply by monomials by  monomials
Multiply by monomials by polynomials
Multiplying binomials
standard identities
polynomials word problems

Visualising  solid shapes

face edge and vertices
Area of trapezium
Area of polygon
Cube and Cuboid

Exponents and powers

Laws of exponent
Negative exponent
Laws of exponent
Number in standard form


factor of a monomial
factorisation using common factor
factoriation using  Indentities
Factor of the form (x+a)(x+b)
dividing polynomials by Monomal
dividing Polonomial by monomials

Introduction to graphs

Distance between points in the first quradent

Playing with numbers

Test for divisibility
some more divisibility


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