Class 9 math (India)

Class 9 math (India)

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Number systems

Irrational numbers
Real number and their decimal expression
operation on real number
simplifying expression
laws of exponents for real number


polynomial in on variable
Zeroes of a polynomials
Multiplying polynomials
Remainder thorem
factorisation of polynomial
standard identies
algerbraic identities

Coordinate geometry

cartesian system
plotting point on cartesian plane

Linear equations in two variables

Solution of linear equation
Graph of a linear equation in two variable

Lines and angles

pairs of angle
parallel lines and a transversal
line parallel to the same line
Angle sum properties of a triangle
proof :Lines and angle


phythagoream theorem
Criteria for congruence triangle
Proof: triangle
Inqualities of a triangle
kinds of quadrilaterals
Proof:  Parallelogram
proof: Rhombs
proof: Kite

Areas of parallelograms and triangles

Area of parallelograms
Area of triangle
Circle and its relative terms
Angle subtended by a chord /arc of a circle
perpendicular from the center of a chord
cyclic quadrilaterals
Inscribed shape and problem solving
Surface areas and volumes
Herons formula
cube, cuboid and cylinder
cone and Spheres
Bar graphs
Mean, mediun, mode and range


Experimental probability
probability problem


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