Geometry(all content)

Geometry(all content)

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Lines, lines segment, and rays

Measuring segment

Parallel and Perpendicular

Points ,line ,&plans

Geometric definition

The golden ratio


Angles introduction

Measuring angles

constructing angle

Angle in circle

Angle type

vertical ,complementary and supplementary angles

Angle between intersecting line

Sal’s old angle video


properties of shapes

Equal part of shapes

Classification geometric shapes

curve and polygons

Angle with polygon

Geometric solid (3D shapes)

Triangle types
Triangle angle
Triangle inequality theorem
Perpendicular bisector
Angle bisector
Medium & Centroids
Bringing it all together


Quadrilaterals types

Quadrilaterals proof and angles

Coordinate plane

Coordinate plane : Quadrant 1

Coordinate plane : Quadrant 4

Quadrants on the coordinate plane

Reflecting points om coordinate

Quadrilaterals on the coordinate plane

Drawing polygons in the coordinate plane

Area and perimeter

Count unit square to find area

Area of  rectangle


Area of parallelograms

Area of triangle

Area  of shapes  on grid

Area of teapezoids & composite figure

Area of circumference of circle

Advanced area with triangle

Volume and surface area

volume of rectangular prism

volume with fraction

surface area

volume of cones, cylinder and sphere

solid geometry

surface and volume density

cross section of 3D objects

koch snowflake fractel

Heron’s formula

Pythagorean theorem

pythagorean theorem

Pythagorean theorem application

Pythagorean theorem and distance between points

Pythagorean  theorem proof


Introduction to rigid transformation




Rigid transformation overview


Properties and definition of transformation


old transformation video


Transformation and congruence

Triangle congruence

Theorem concerning triangle properties

working with triangle

Theorem concerning quadrilateral properties

proof of general theorem that use triangle congruence


Definition of similarity

introduction to triangle similarity

solving similar triangle

Angle bisector theorem

solving problem with congruent  triangle

solving modeling problems with similar and congruent triangle


special right triangle

introduction to the right the trigonometric ratio

solving for a side in a right  using the trigonometric ratio.

solving for an angle in a right triangle using the trigonometric

Modeling with right triangle

Trigonometric ratio and similarity

since and cosine of complementary ratio

The law of sines

The law of cosines

Solving general triangle


Circle basic

Arc to measure length

Arc length (from  degrees)

Introduction to radians

Arc  length (from radians )

Inscribed angle

Inscribed  shape problem solving

properties of tangent

Area of  Inscribed triangle

Standard equation of a circle

Expanded equation of a circle

Analytic geometry

Distance and mid points

Dividing line segment

problem solving with distance on the coordinate plane

Parallel and perpendicular line on the coordinate plane

Equation of parallel and perpendicular line

challenges distance between a point and a line

Geometric constructions

Constructions bisectors of line and angle

Construction regular polygon inscribed in circle

Construction circumcircle and incircle

construction a line tangent to a circle

worked example

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