Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability

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Analyzing categorical data

Analyzing one category variable
Two way table
Distribution in two variable
Displaying and comparing quantitative data
Displaying quantitative data with graph
Describing and comparing distributions
More on data display

Summarizing quantitative data

Measuring center in quantitative data
More on mean and medium
Interquartile range(IQR)
variance and standard deviation of a population
variance and standard deviation of a simple
More  or standard  deviation
Box and whisker
other measure of spread

Modeling data distributions

Effect of linear transformation
Density curves
Normal distribution and the empiricial rule
Normal distribution calculation
More on normal distribution

Exploring bivariate numerical data

introduction to Scatterplots
Correlation Coefficient
Introduction to trend line
Least square regression equation
Assecing the fit  least-square resgression
More on regression

Study design

statistical question
sampling and obersvational  studies
sampling method
types of studies


Basic theoretical probability
Probability using sample  space
Basic set operation
Experimental probability
Randomness ,probability ,and simulation
Additional rule
multiplication rule for independent event
multiplication rule for dependent event
conditional probability and independence
Counting, permutations, and combinations
counting principle and factorial
Combinatorics and probability

Random variables

Discrete random variable
Continuous random  variable
Transforming random variable
combining random variable
Binomial random variable
Binomial mean and standard deviations formulas
More on expected value
Poisson distribution

Sampling distributions

What is sampling distributions ?
Sampling distributions of a sample proportion
sampling distributions of a sample mean

Confidence intervals

Introduction to confidence interval
Estimating a population proportion
Estimating a population mean
More confidence interval video
Significance tests (hypothesis testing)
The idea of singnificance test
Error probability and power
Test about a population proportion
Test about a population mean
More significance testing video

Two-sample inference for the difference between groups

Comparing two proportion
Comparing two mean

Inference for categorical data (chi-square tests)

Chi-square goodness -of-fit tests

Chi-square for test relationship

Advanced regression (inference and transforming)
Inference about slope
Non linear regression

Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Analysis of variance (ANOVA)


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