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Right triangles & trigonometry

ratio in a right triangles
Introduction to trigonometric ratio
solving for a side in a right triangle using trigonometry
solving for an angle in a right triangle using the trigonometry
since and cosine of complementary angle
Modeling with right triangle
The reciprocal trigonometric ratio

Trigonometric functions

Unit circle introduction
The pythagorean identity
Trigonometric value of special angle
Graphs of sin(x),cos(x),and tan(x)
Amplitude middle and period
Transforming sinusoidal  function
sinusoidal model
Long live Tau

Non-right triangles & trigonometry

Law of sines
Law of cosines
solving general triangle

Trigonometric equations and identities

Inverse trigonometric function
sinusoidal Equation
sinusoidal model
Trigonometric identities
Angle identities
using trigonometric identities
challenging trigonometric  problem


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